| 5/5 pistettä | omaelämäkerta |

Viime vuosikymmenten myydyimpiin kirjailijoihin lukeutuvan Wilbur Smithin omaelämäkerta, jossa hän kertoo elämästään ja myös kirjojensa taustoista.

Wilbur Smith on etelä-afrikkalainen ja Etelä-Afrikkaan myös tämä kirja suureksi osaksi sijoittuu. Yli 50 vuotta kirjoja julkaissut Wilbur Smith on kuitenkin myös matkustellut todella paljon ympäri maapalloa ja näiltä reissuilta kirjassa on monia tarinoita.

”I was lucky enough to miss the big wars and not get shot, but lucky enough to grow up among the heroes who had served in them and learn from their example. I have lucked into things continuously. I have done things which have seemed appalling at the time,disastrous even, but out of them have come another story or a deeper knowledge of human character and the ability to express myself better on paper, write books which people enjoy reading. Along the way, I have lived a life that I could never have imagined. I have been privileged to meet people from all corners of the globe, I have been wherever my heart has desired and in the process my books have taken readers to many, many places. I always say I’ve started wars, I’ve burned down cities, and I’ve killed hundreds of thousands of people – but only in my imagination!”